Chief of Staff

Bill Sautter

Bill Sautter, serving as the Chief of Staff at YFC, is deeply committed to the mission of guiding young people towards a lifelong following of Christ. His passion for this mission and the opportunity to be part of such transformative work were key factors in his decision to join the team.

Driving Force
Bill is inspired by the stories of YFC leaders building relationships with young people, understanding their stories, and ultimately sharing the hope found in Christ. Hearing about these connections and the impact they have on teenagers’ lives fuels his dedication to the cause.

“I love the mission of YFC and the opportunity to be a part of seeing kids hear about Jesus and become a lifelong follower of Christ.”

Background and Inspiration
Bill’s life experiences have been centered around witnessing and contributing to the growth of ministry and helping young people understand who Jesus is. His journey has been marked by various roles in youth ministry, which have significantly shaped his approach to his current position. Before joining YFC, Bill was a part of the National Team of Youth for Christ USA, serving and supporting local YFC Chapters. A Nebraska native, he now resides in Sioux City, IA, and is a proud alumnus of Stapleton High School and the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where he earned a Master’s degree in Community and Regional Planning.

Role and Impact
As Chief of Staff, Bill works closely with the Operations and Ministry Directors. He plays a pivotal role in supporting these teams and overseeing the implementation of the organization’s Strategic Plan and priorities. His background in planning, leadership, and problem-solving, combined with years of ministry experience, make him a crucial part of the YFC team.

Beyond Work
In his spare time, Bill enjoys gardening, golfing, and building things. He humorously identifies himself as a coffee snob, reflecting his penchant for quality coffee.

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