Senior Ministry Director

Katie Zickefoose

Katie Zickefoose, the enthusiastic Senior Ministry Director at GIYFC, brings a heartfelt commitment to her role. Her journey with GIYFC is deeply personal, having said ‘yes’ to being on staff to share the love of Jesus with those who haven’t yet met Him. This decision reflects her own transformative experience with the ministry.

Driving Force
Katie is inspired by the resilience and determination of the young people GIYFC serves. Her passion is fueled by witnessing their growth and perseverance, a testament to the impact of the ministry’s work.

“I said ‘yes’ to being on staff because I wanted to share the love of Jesus with people who don’t know Him.”

Background and Inspiration
Katie’s personal journey with YFC has come full circle. As a student in the Campus Life ministry model, she found Jesus and a supportive community that helped her navigate life’s complexities. This experience profoundly shapes her approach to her work. Katie hails from and still resides in the beautiful Clear Lake, Iowa, and is a proud alumna of Mason City High School. She holds a degree in Christian Ministry from Crown College.

Role and Impact
In her role as Senior Ministry Director, Katie supports and serves the ministry team, ensuring they have what they need to effectively serve the youth in their communities. Her previous experience as a stay-at-home mom and a decade-long stint in various levels of youth ministry have equipped her with invaluable skills and insights.

Beyond Work
In her spare time, Katie enjoys working out, playfully aspiring to be a bodybuilder. She embraces her uniqueness, acknowledging that she tends to do things a bit differently, a trait once pointed out by a student.

“Being a mom to my three children is definitely my favorite part about life! I love it so much!”

For those wishing to connect with Katie or learn more about her love for kids, she can be reached at