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A Simple Invite

June 28, 2021


Reaching Young People in Denver, CO.

In Colorado, 80% of teen pregnancies are unintended, and 3 in 10 teenagers will get pregnant at least once before 20 years old, according to Denver Area YFC Parent Life

Youth For Christ’s Parent Life ministry reaches expectant and parenting teens and their children in unique ways to empower them in their next steps. One Denver mom, Alexandra, understands firsthand the importance of these healthy and trustworthy adult relationships, but more importantly, she understands the need for more people to share their stories and connections. 

It was in December 2019, before the global Coronavirus pandemic where Jenni (YFC USA National Staff) invited her close friend, Alexandra to YFC See The Story tour to learn more about the YFC Parent Life ministry going on locally. Alexandra attended and never looked back. 

Alexandra never even heard of YFC before Jenni introduced her, she had no idea how her own story would be used in the work of YFC Parent Life. Similar to the teen moms and dads YFC reaches – Alexandra was 15 when she had her first child. 

“I always just kind of knew that was my story, but I didn’t know where God would use that redemption that He has given me through my life. Seeing in real life, the stories of the young people, showed me clearly that I was supposed to be involved to bring life to my story as well as to their story.” – Alexandra

Alexandra did not have mentors when she had her son at age 15, now she can be a mentor leader for young moms. Alexandra is currently working to launch a new YFC ministry site in southwest Denver, which happens to be the same neighborhood she is originally from. 

It takes friends inviting friends into the story, to use their own story to help uncover God’s story in the next generation. 

“Thousands of YFC volunteer leaders make a difference every day because of their love for Jesus Christ, and a calling to engage kids in tough places. I pray that our YFC staff will continue to raise up more volunteers like Alexandra, who care deeply about the spiritual condition of our youth, so that many more young parents will know that a hope-filled, abundant and eternal life is still possible.” – Jacob Bland, President and CEO of Youth For Christ

God’s hand was at work through Jenni’s invitation to Alexandra, facilitating this trusted, healthy relationship, ultimately impacting future relationships to come with young parents in similar shoes.

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