YFC Comedy Cafe

February 21, 2024


Comedy Cafe 2024

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The Youth For Christ Comedy Cafe isn't your typical comedy night; it's a special opportunity for the community to unite in support of Iowa's vibrant youth, all while experiencing the infectious joy of laughter courtesy of Derrick Tennant. Known for his warm presence, family-friendly humor, and inspirational message, Derrick ensures an evening that's not only humorous but deeply moving, guaranteed to leave attendees in stitches. But the experience extends beyond the laughter. Guests will relish in delightful desserts, forge connections with both old and new friends, and bask in the event's warm, welcoming ambiance, crafted to make every moment memorable. And the best part? It's all offered free of charge.

Spanning several dates and locations—from the Windsor Theater in Hampton to the iconic Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, and the DMAC FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny—this series of events promises more than just an evening of entertainment. It embodies a celebration of community spirit and a meaningful way to contribute to the welfare of young people. By participating, attendees are not merely enjoying a night out; they're actively supporting Youth For Christ's crucial mission. This mission focuses on reaching young individuals, offering them hope, guidance, and the love of Jesus through impactful community engagement, making the Comedy Cafe a pivotal event in fostering positive change in the lives of youth.